SXSW: My Blind Brother Cast and Crew on Their Gamechanger Award Winning Movie | The MarySue

Every year, Gamechanger Films awards one SXSW feature directed by a woman with their prize, which includes $2,500 cash. Although there were many films directed by women this year, the honor went to Sophie Goodhart’s comedy, My Blind Brother, starring Nick Kroll, Adam Scott, Jenny Slate, Zoe Kazan, and Charlie Hewson. The film is the story of Robbie (Scott), a blind athlete hell-bent on breaking records and making news, and his brother, Bill (Kroll), who feels an obligation to accompany him as his guide. Both men meet Rose (Slate), a recently single woman with a guilt complex, who dates Robbie but favors Bill. Kazan and Hewson play Rose and Bill’s no-nonsense best friends, who have no problem pointing out Robbie’s single-minded narcissism.

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