Sundance Women Producers: Meet Mynette Louie | Indiewire Women & Hollywood

By Melissa Silverstein | Women and Hollywood | January 19, 2014 at 3:00PM

“Keeping up with the changing distribution landscape is exhausting! It feels like between the time a film of mine gets greenlit to the time it premieres, distribution has morphed and the players have changed.”

Producer Mynette Louie has worked on the films Children of InventionCold Comes the Night, and California Solo. Louie is also the current president of Gamechanger Films, which funds women-directed narrative features. She has most recently produced Martha Stephens and Aaron Katz’s Land Ho!, which debuts at Sundance on January 19th.

Please give us your description of the film.

A buddy road-trip comedy featuring a pair of mismatched septaugenarians traipsing through Iceland, trying to get their groove back. While there’s a lot of fun, raunchy humor, it’s also a moving film that touches on the themes of aging and existentialism.

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