Hunting Season

Premiering in competition at Venice Critics Week 2017.

Spanish Title: Temporada de Caza

Synopsis: After his mother dies, Nahuel must live with his estranged father, a hunter in Patagonia’s forests. There, Nahuel will discover love and his capacity to kill. (Drama)

Written and Directed by: Natalia Garagiola

Cast: Lautaro Bettoni, German Palacios, Rita Pauls
Produced by: Benjamin Domenech, Santiago Gallelli  and Matias Roveda of Rei Cine
Co-Producers: Mynette Louie, Philippe Avril, Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo, Catharina Schreckenberg, Gonzalo Tobal
Co-Production Companies: Augenschein Filmproduktion, Les Films de l’Etranger





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