Gamechanger’s Mynette Louie on Changing Hollywood from the Inside Out | The Mary Sue

by Lesley Coffin

The state of female directors in Hollywood is fairly bleak. For an industry that so often prides itself on being groundbreaking and open-minded, the statistics are terrible; speak with female directors working in the business and they’ll acknowledge that sexism is alive and well in the film industry, in front and behind the screen. Change is needed, and companies like Gamechanger are trying to do it from within.

Founded a year and half ago, Gamechanger is a for-profit production company that finances female directed films. In less than 2 years, after receiving 700 film submissions, they’ve produced and sold three films to distributors, and have two more films in different stages of production. Their first film, Land Ho! (sold to Sony Pictures Classics), won the prestigious John Cassavetes Award at the Independent Spirit Awards. Upcoming, they have two films which premiered at the SXSW festival, the thriller The Invitation (distributed by Drafthouse and Netflix) and the comedy Addicted to Fresno (distributed by Gravitas Ventures).

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