Game of Thrones Star Michiel Huisman Gets Creepy in His New Thriller, The Invitation | Esquire

He talks about researching cults, perfecting his American accent, and, yes, Jon Snow’s fate.

To gaze upon Michiel Huisman’s IMDB page is to feel a deep shame for all the moments you waste during your brief time on this earth.

In the past five years alone, the Netherlands-born actor has romanced Khaleesi on Game of Thrones, Rayna Jaymes on Nashville, and Cheryl Strayed in the film adaptation of Wild. (OK, that last one may stretch the definition of romance a tad, but the point still stands.) He’s also hung out with the clones on Orphan Black, helped Brad Pitt fight zombies in World War Z and struggled with addiction and jazz on his breakthrough role in Treme.

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