Gamechanger is funded by a large group of socially conscious and commercially minded impact investors. The company aims to cultivate a new community of sophisticated and empowered film financiers, many of whom are women, by making investor education an integral component of their Gamechanger experience.

Gamechanger investors are invited to an annual conference with fellow investors; meet with Gamechanger filmmakers and industry executives; receive regular updates, data, and progress reports from company executives; visit film sets; attend rough cut screenings and premieres; and consult with company executives about their own film projects.

Gamechanger is committed to creating a new corps of investors, schooled in the film business, who can support a new generation of women filmmakers while making a return on their investment. With great filmmakers and sophisticated investors aligned towards the same goal, we have a chance to make a big difference in the status of women in the world of film.

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